about: robert jones live

your robert jones live membership includes access to our private, locked-down, members-only facebook group, where robert jones does a live makeup tutorial workshop every month! please make sure you join the group before you do anything else!

you can attend each live class and you can watch the replay as many times as you would like to. the replays are always posted in the group.

things to know:

first, everything happens in the group, not here on our website. website access is for you to update your credit card information, if needed. you can do that by clicking on the “manage password & update payment info” link under the “my account” menu to the left of this page.

second, we will always post in the group first when the next robert jones live is going to happen! emails will also be sent out as soon as possible, with reminders leading up to the live event, including the night before and the morning of the live.

third, there are instructions inside the group on how to watch all the replay videos. the instructions are pinned to the top of the page in the announcement section. if you click on the “announcement” link at the top of the group page, that information will load for you.

fourth, if you have any questions (that are not account related), please ask inside the facebook group. sunny miller is co-owner of the academy with robert and is also the admin of the group. she will do her best to make sure your questions are answered. if you have personal questions or those that are account-related, simply send her a direct message on facebook (rather than posting in the group).

finally, if you need to cancel your account, please do not post that in the group. simply click on the “cancel account” link to the left of this page (again, under the “my account” menu) and fill out the information. your account will be cancelled and you will be removed from the facebook group.