robert jones beauty academy: can I be a makeup artist after I go through the academy?

we often get asked if you can become a makeup artist after going through our courses. the answer is…YES!

in the united states there are no requirements for you to become a working makeup artist, meaning you don’t have to have any state licenses, etc. what that means is, once you learn, practice, and perfect makeup artistry, you can be a full-time makeup artist!

if you are wanting to be a PRO makeup artist, you really need to sign up for the PRO membership in the academy. in the PRO level you will go through the beginner and advanced courses, but you’ll also have access to the ‘working like a pro’ section. in the pro section, you’ll get a FAST track education to what it means to work as a makeup artist. course videos include topics such as:

  • how to build your makeup kit
  • how to work with models, agents, and photographers
  • how to build your portfolio
  • how to apply makeup for special events, such as weddings and stage performances

in addition to the working like a pro level, you can also earn certificates to help you secure PRO makeup discounts at cosmetics stores throughout the US (such as MAC) and if you successfully complete the level you’ll also have access to academy logos and badges that you can use on your own marketing materials to help promote yourself.

if you do not live in the united states, we highly recommend you look into what kinds of requirements you need to fulfill in order to become a working makeup artist.