robert jones beauty academy: certificate faqs

what kind of certificate can I earn?

the kind of certificate you can earn in the academy depends on your membership level. if you are a gold member in the robert jones beauty academy you have the ability to earn certificates of completion for the first two levels. if you are a PRO member in the academy, you have the ability to earn certificates of completion for all three course levels. basic members do not have the option of earning any certificates.

requirements for each certificate vary:

apprentice level:
you just need to take each quiz and receive 100% on each one (you can take them as many times as you need to).

master class
to earn a master class certificate you will need to take all the quizzes and receive 100% on each one, as well as submit photographs showing your makeup application skills for each eye shape that you learn in the academy.

working like a pro
to earn a PRO certificate you’ll need to take all the working like a pro quizzes, as well as a master quiz that encompasses all courses in the academy (and receive 100% on each one). you will also be required to submit a number of photographs on different eye shapes, skin tones, makeup looks, and more, to show your makeup application skills. **robert himself will give you feedback on your work and will determine whether you pass the pro level or not. you can submit photographs up to three times.

what can I use my certificate for?

the robert jones beauty academy certificates are ah-may-zing credibility boosters AND are excellent for helping you secure PRO makeup discounts:

if you are a makeup consultant you can display the certificate(s) at makeup parties or during one-on-one consultations with your clients. this credibility booster will tell others that YOU are the one to consult with, buy from, and sign up under because YOU know exactly how to help your clients look and feel more beautiful!

if you are an aspiring makeup artist, you can put your certificate in your portfolio, display it during consultations with prospective clients, and you can also use your certificate to help you secure pro makeup discounts at major cosmetic retailers all over the united states, such as MAC.

if you are someone who LOVES makeup… earning a certificate is FUN! you can stay on track with academy videos as you pass quizzes and work to earn a certificate. it will help you gauge how much you are learning AND you can be excited to have achieved quite an accomplishment in something you love! you may also be able to secure PRO makeup discounts with your certificate… depending on cosmetic company requirements.