robert jones beauty academy: what’s the biggest differences between all the levels?

do you still have questions about the difference between membership levels? you can view the membership levels comparison chart, but here’s a quickdown as well:

basic membership breakdown

basic membership will allow you to watch all the videos in the apprentice level and the master class in the academy and receive a 10% discount in the gotta’ have it shop. there are no additional features and benefits to this level, but you still gain all the knowledge the gold level has access to.

gold membership breakdown

gold status gives you access to the same videos as the basic membership BUT you get these additional “gold member” perks:

  • ability to take quizzes
  • ability to earn a certificate for both apprentice level and master class
  • ability to watch all bonus videos in the academy
  • deeper discount in the shop

pro membership breakdown

pro status gives you access to anything and everything that is in the academy. along with access to the same videos as the basic and gold members, the pro level steps it up with these additional benefits:

  • same ability to take quizzes and earn certificates for the first two levels in the academy, but ALSO has full access to all the PRO videos and can earn a certificate for the PRO level.
  • will get direct feedback from robert on work submitted to earn the pro certificate. once you have successfully passed the level you will have a professional portfolio built that you can show to prospective agents and clients.*please note: you will be responsible for getting photos taken and submitting them to the academy.
  • once you have passed the pro level with robert’s approval you will receive access to robert jones beauty academy images that you can use on your own marketing materials to promote yourself (business cards, website, etc).