new member registration: you’re registered!

awesome! you are now registered as our newest BFF here in the ah-may-zing robert jones beauty academy! getting started is really easy – here’s how:

  1. check your inbox for your new username and password (give it up to 15 minutes…)
  2. once you have your username and password, come on back here to the site and click the “member login” button at the top of the page. enter your new username and password.
  3. you’ll be redirected to the “welcome” video with a message from the master of makeup himself, mr. robert jones. in fact, if you click here you can watch the video while you wait for your username and password!

that’s it! everything else you need to know is in the academy itself. be sure to check out the “faqs and how-to” menu item once you are logged in – it will let you know how to take quizzes, how to earn certificates (if you choose to), and other important information you may want to know about!

let’s get started playing with makeup now! see you in the academy!


p.s. if your username and password email get lost in cyberspace, check your spam folder first. if it isn’t there, send us an email at and we’ll get one resent to you immediately!