new pro video release: midday bride

yesterday a new video was released in the working like a pro section: midday bride.

for those who are followers of robert, you probably already know robert bases his bridal looks on the time of day of the wedding. he knows how important those timeless wedding photos are, and he knows what kind of makeup works to look best at what time of day.

for example, if you are a morning bride, you will not want a dramatic look because the morning light will make you look like you are wearing WAY too much makeup. if you want to be a drama queen at your wedding, you should time your wedding to occur in the evening.

that being said, the midday bride is going to have to combat the harshest light of the day. the sun is usually directly overhead, which can cast shadows on the face. also, as the sun grows stronger, every makeup line is going to be more visible, so it is extremely imperative to blend, blend, blend!

in this working like a pro video, robert walks students through a stunning look for the midday bride – a highlighted lid, a well-defined lash line (no heavy liner) and lips with a well-defined edge. the result? a beautiful wedding day look as well as the perfect look for those timeless wedding photos…

(screenshot directly from the video – no color correction, light correction, etc):


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