youtube makeup tutorial: kim kardashian smokey eye!

Time and time again, Kim Kardashian is one of THE most sought-after celebrity inspired looks on the planet! But, like I always say, whenever you approach a celebrity-inspired look, the goal is NOT to look EXACTLY like the celebrity. The goal is to take the aspects of the look that are unique and then apply them to your own look. Basically — take it and make it your own!

The aspects of kim’s look that are specific to her (and that I’m is going to focus on in this bonus video) are:

  • The dark metallic shade Kim uses for her smoky eye color
  • The inner corners of the eye will stay much lighter than the rest of the eye
  • The inside wet tissue of the bottom lid will be lined with a lighter shade
  • Of course I’m going to highlight and contour the face…that’s just plain “signature kim!”

Again… remember! Take these techniques that are specific to Kim…. and make this look your own! 🙂

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