robert report: make it pop!

With Spring just around the corner we are going to be seeing a lot more color used in makeup. That being said, many of you have asked, “How do you make that color POP or really show up more?” The answer is, of course, layering a creme with a powder over it! Any time you apply a […]

robert report: lipstick 411

I constantly get two comments about lipstick, so I want to make sure you have the complete 411 about lipstick and how it works: Comment #1: I love how moisturizing this lipstick is, but it just does not last! Comment #2: I love how long this lipstick wears, but it is very dry and not very […]

robert report: new year, new you!

I know I am tired of hearing it, so I’m sure you are! For me, the best part of the new year is the fact that I organize everything and start the year with my surroundings in complete order. So let’s talk makeup! It is the perfect time for you to get your drawer, bag, […]

robert report: beating the winter blues

When winter comes around we all need to make changes. Some of us in different parts of the world need to make more changes than others…but we all need to make changes to keep ourselves looking our best! Let’s talk about the things you need to think about to take care of your skin and […]

robert report: the secret to color

Ok girls! Since sending out the last Fall Trend email we have received soooooo many questions about choosing the right bright lip color! Which red is for my skin tone? Is fuchsia right for me? It is so much simpler than you all think! I do want to make two things clear when choosing a […]

robert report: tool time

Ok girls, it is another edition of “tool time!” I constantly get asked, “When applying powder, is it better to use a brush, a poof, or a sponge?” The answer is…it depends on what type of coverage you want! Brush – gives you a nice, even, medium coverage. It is the most commonly used tool for […]

robert report: tool time

People!! It’s time for another installment of tool time! Again, it is my goal to help you understand tools and how to use them, giving YOU the power of knowledge! Today’s tool talk is all about brush bristles and what they mean. Believe it or not, there is a rhyme and reason to which bristles […]

robert report: fall must-haves

Ok, I am already getting requests of what the must-haves are for Fall! So…I will give you my top 5 must-haves for Fall so far! A smoky shimmer brown eyeshadow because one of the biggest trends for Fall is a smoky brown eye! There are a million great options out there, but two of my favorites […]

robert report: trust your tools

I get so many questions about why you need the right tools that I have decided to start a series of tool newsletters to help you understand the confusing maze of them all! I am going to start my series with two brushes that have proved to be very special and have been amazing performers […]