robert report: knowledge = $uccess!


We all know that knowledge is power! I recently heard of a consultant who increased her per face sales by 400% and her per party sales by 300%! Can you even imagine?

As makeup professionals we all know the more knowledge we have the more confidence we gain…which translates into earning more money.That is the entire purpose of the robert jones beauty academy – to supply you with the tools you need to improve and increase your business and earning potential!

I recently read about one of my academy BFF’s, Cherlynn Faith Bennett’s, experience in the academy member’s facebook group so I had to give her a call to find out the details! Cherlynn has been a consultant since 2009 and felt like her business was doing well, BUT here is the rest of what she told me (the fun stuff):

“I’ve always struggled with makeup application myself and it’s always been difficult for me to present myself as an expert to my clients. I am having an amazing boost because of the academy. The women that cross my path are opened to a wealth of knowledge that I have learned because it boosts their own confidence in their mirrors each and every morning.

I have had a drastic increase in my sales at appointments due to possessing that knowledge. I am able to customize and fine-tune a beauty routine to fit my client’s lifestyles and help them achieve the professional results they’ve coveted in Hollywood.

As a robert jones beauty academy member, I have taken my average facial sales of $30-$40 per appointment to $171 and my average $200-$300 per party sales to $1012. I look forward to building my business to great heights set upon this fantastic foundation of confidence and knowledge.”

Whether you are a professional makeup artist working on sets all over the world or selling makeup, the more knowledge you have the more you will succeed in your business.

I love hearing stories like these! So please, if you have one, share it with us on Facebook! I look sooooo forward to hearing them all!

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