robert report: new year, new you!


I know I am tired of hearing it, so I’m sure you are! For me, the best part of the new year is the fact that I organize everything and start the year with my surroundings in complete order.

So let’s talk makeup! It is the perfect time for you to get your drawer, bag, or cabinet in order.

The first and most important part is cleaning out-of-date products and items you never use. Believe it or not, I like to get rid of things almostas much as I like buying them!

Here are the rules for cleaning out:

  1. If you haven’t used it in a year, it should go!
  2. If they are things you rarely use, but want to have around for when you want them, send them out the door! Makeup does have expiration dates!! Here they are:
    • Concealer: 12 months
    • Powder: 2 years
    • Eyeliner: 3 years
    • Eyeshadow (powder): 3 years
    • Foundation: 18 months
    • Lip liner: 3 years
    • Lipstick and lip gloss: 2 years
    • Mascara: 3 months

    *Remember these dates are based on the fact that the products are kept in a temperature controlled environment.

  3. Again, if you haven’t used it in a year, throw it out. Trends change constantly!

The best part is, now that you have cleaned out, it’s the perfect time to go out and buy some new makeup to refresh your look for the new year!! Welcome to the new you!!

Infinitely yours,


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