robert report: beating the winter blues

When winter comes around we all need to make changes. Some of us in different parts of the world need to make more changes than others…but we all need to make changes to keep ourselves looking our best!


Let’s talk about the things you need to think about to take care of your skin and keep yourself looking fresh, versus shriveled up and dried out!

  1. Depending on where you live you might need to choose a heavier moisturizer during the winter.Any time you are around heaters your skin will be drier because heaters suck the moisture and life out of skin. That’s why I HATE them!!
  2. Keep your lips moisturized!The one quick way to make your lips look less than plump, gorgeous, and youthful is for them to be chapped! Not to mention your lip color will not go on as well.
  3. Choose a blush with a peach or apricot tone.You do not want to use anything too pink. Because of the weather your skin may already have a bit of redness to it, and pink blush will just accentuate that. Even if it doesn’t, the peachy/apricot shade will add the color you need for your skin to look fresh and hydrated!
  4. For Ivory/Beige skin, don’t choose a lipstick that is too dark because it will accentuate the fact that your skin has less color! Choose a lip color that is warmer and brighter to add color and life to your face!
  5. Creme formulas are great for winter! Use creme blush, creme shadows, and a foundation with added hydration (if that is appropriate for your skin)! Once again, fighting against dryness!

Just remember, girls, as the seasons change, so does your skin! Always re-evaluate what you are doing and make sure you are making choices that will beat your winter blues!

Infinitely yours,


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