robert report: tooled for success


Okay people, so last week we talked about the changing needs of your skin due to the seasons ahead. Today I would like to apply that to tools!

I know many of you do not want to admit it, but I get it!! You’re not the best at keeping your tools clean and ready to go. Just keep in mind that it will ALWAYS extend the life of every one of your makeup tools!

And, of course, not only will it extend the life of your tools, BUT it will also give you better (cleaner, prettier) makeup application. Repeat after me: THE CLEANER THE TOOL, THE BETTER THE APPLICATION.

I know brushes are the hardest for all of you to know how to clean. This video will break it all down for you and show you how quick and easy it is to keep your brushes in tip-top shape:

In addition to keeping your brushes clean, you should also change your eyelash curler once a year and replace the rubber piece every six months. Wash your powder puffs regularly and clean your sponges before each and every use!

Instead of just spring cleaning, get your tools out and let’s all winter clean together!

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