robert report: trust your tools


I get so many questions about why you need the right tools that I have decided to start a series of tool newsletters to help you understand the confusing maze of them all!

I am going to start my series with two brushes that have proved to be very special and have been amazing performers for me!

First, I want start by reminding you that in general, a brush with natural bristles are best for powder products and one with synthetic bristles is for a creme or a liquid.



One of the biggest trends over the past 8 years has been liquid and creme foundation brushes! For me, I always felt that the average flat design of foundation and concealer brushes never really served me well. I always loved the finish they gave BUT they were not versatile enough.

I always had trouble getting a variety of coverages and feeling like I was in complete control. Because of this I decided to create a foundation and concealer brush that was more versatile, softer and tapered for better coverage!

With my pointed foundation and concealer brush you can not only apply foundation and concealer, you can stipple for more coverage and blending!

The benefit of these two brushes is you get better coverage with a more natural finish. With their ultra soft bristles you get the smoothest finish you will ever get from a foundation or concealer brush.

It took 2 years to get these brush designs completely right AND these two brushes actually won awards from Comoprof (a big industry group)…just saying!

What’s better than having two tools you can use to create the perfect canvas to play with and apply all your color on?

Infinitely yours,


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