beauty tip: customize your mascara


My favorite mascara does not come in a waterproof formula, and I need it to be more water-resistant. I find waterproof formulas harder to remove, so I am not sure I want it to be waterproof, and I love the way my current formula builds. What are my options? Is there anything I can do?

You absolutely can fix this problem! You can create custom effects by simply layering different mascara formulas.

If you want your mascara to be more water-resistant, simply apply a layer of waterproof formula after you use your current favorite mascara. You’ll get the building effect you like (or whatever you like about your current favorite), with the advantage of waterproofing.

The waterproof formula will also be easier to remove because it is not directly on your lashes.

You can customize your mascara effect by layering different mascara formulas; just be sure to let each layer dry between each coat.

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