beauty tip tuesday: embrace your brow shape!


Well-groomed eyebrows can make such a difference! Brows are the picture frame of your eyes. The right brow shape can actually lift your face and open up your eyes.

Before you reach for the tweezers, however, please take some professional advice: You should embrace your natural brow shape, because no matter how much you tweeze, you cannot turn your brows into something they are not

Some brows curve naturally into a gentle arch; others grow straight across. However your brows grow, you need to shape them to suit the way they grow on your face. But have no fear! Whatever their shape, you can groom them to flatter your features!

Key Points:

Fuller brows make you look younger – honestly, they do. So do not over-tweeze your brows; you want them to look naturally full.

Second, do not follow fashion trends. The trend will change, and you will be left with brows that are not right for your face. Always shape your brows to suit your face and the way they naturally grow.

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