how to pack your bag (part 2)

bonus video: how to pack your bag (part 2) about this video: how to pack your bag is the second in a series of three videos: day look, how to pack your bag (for upkeep during the day and to transform to evening), and evening look. the goal with this video series is to show […]

day 1: day look (part 1)

bonus video: day look (part 1) about this video: day look is the first in a series of three videos: day look, how to pack your bag (for upkeep during the day and to transform to evening), and evening look. the goal with this video series is to show a really gorgeous everyday look which […]

investing in makeup

bonus video: investing in makeup about this video: the struggle for finding the perfect makeup products is real! this video is all about investing in your makeup – what to buy and how to pick it. none of us want to spend all our budget on makeup. but what makeup products can you get away […]

bold, beautiful and matte

bonus video: bold and beautiful matte about this video: some of the hottest runways in the world (london, milan, paris, new york) have featured the look robert has created for you in the latest robert jones beauty academy bonus video: bold, beautiful and matte. featuring beautiful skin, a nice bold lash, and a beautiful matte […]

Shimmer + Sparkle + Frosty = Amazing!

bonus video: shimmer + sparkle + frosty about this video: sometimes it is just plain fun to get your glam on and wear a frosty, sparkly makeup look! this is definitely a special occasion look – you wouldn’t wear this to work or the grocery store! in this video, you will learn how to create […]

working with color

bonus video: working with color about this video: color is everywhere! some cultures love to use a lot of color and some trends call for color, color, color! a little pop of color can spice up your look and be a fun way to change things up a little, especially if you haven’t ever used […]

Kim Kardashian Smoky Eye

bonus video: kim kardashian smoky eye about this video: time and time again, kim kardashian is one of THE most sought-after celebrity inspired looks on the planet! the aspects of kim’s look that are specific to her (and that robert is going to focus on in this bonus video) are: the dark metallic shade kim […]

Matte, Natural, and Exciting

bonus video: matte, natural, and exciting about this video: whenever you hear the terms “matte” or “natural” in regard to makeup looks, do you have a tendency to think “plain” or “unoriginal” or even… “BORING?” today’s makeup tutorial video is all about making natural colors dramatic, exciting, and fun! you’ll learn how to use natural […]

Color My World

bonus video: color my world about this video: color my world! this makeup tutorial video is all about gorgeous, intense color in a look that has been featured all over the runways: butterfly eyes. in this video, you’ll learn how to make eyeshadow color POP and stay intense (especially on darker skin tones) as well […]

Youthful and Pretty

bonus video: youthful and pretty about this video: youthful and pretty is a mature skin makeover video. robert emphasizes time and time again that makeup for mature skin is not about heavy makeup application to conceal and cover everything you don’t want to see – it is more about making the correct color choices to […]

Bronze Ebony Natural Beauty

bonus video: bronze ebony natural beauty about this video: robert has created several looks specifically for bronze ebony skin tones, but many of them have had a bit of a dramatic flair. in this video, robert wanted to tone it down a little and show how to create a beautiful natural look. this look focuses […]

Bronze Ebony Light Eye, Dramatic Lip

bonus video: bronze ebony light eye, dramatic lip about this video: dramatic lips were everywhere on the runways and robert especially loves a dramatic lip on bronze ebony skin tones with those with full, beautiful lips! although bronze ebony girls can usually pull off a more dramatic eye, a nude eye with lots of lash […]