top tip of the day: what wand do you choose?


Most women do not realize that the bristles and shape of a mascara wand have just as much impact on the look of their lashes as the mascara’s formula and application technique.

Following are some key things to consider when deciding what you want and need from your brush or applicator.

BUT keep in mind that, regardless of wand type, you still ultimately have control of your finished look through the application technique you choose.

Some different wand types and what they do:

Long, fat, full, thick, dense bristles: helps thicken and lengthen your lashes as you apply your mascara because it coats each and every lash with product.

Short, dense bristles (might even resemble a screw): helps define your lashes because it allows you to coat each lash with a thin coat of product from the root to the tip.

Bristles taper from short at the tip to longer in the middle or base (might taper from thick to thin like a football): defines, thickens, and lengthens lashes. You can perform detailed defining work with the tip, while giving volume and length from the bristles in the middle and base of the brush.

Widely spaced rubber bristles: defines and separates giving a thin, even coating of product on every lash.

Comb shaped: defines and separates each and every lash. Provides a thin coat of product while combing and separating each lash, which completely eliminates clumping and prevents lashes from getting stuck together.

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