robert report: bronze me baby!


Ok, so we all know it is summertime. And more importantly, we all know the sun is not our friend yet…but we still want that beautiful glow that comes from the sun!


In my humble opinion, the answer (especially with all the new information about the dangers of spray tanning) is the perfect bronzer!

When choosing a bronzer you need to make sure of a few things:

1. It must be matte (no shimmer – it makes your skin look fake and draws attention to skin texture).

2. You want to make sure it is the right undertone. For example, for very pale skin you want it to have a slight pink undertone. For all others, you want to make sure it is a neutral brown with very little to no orange.


3. If you are afraid all bronzers are too intense in color, or if you are just plain scared, you can use a dark pressedpowder. With a dark pressed powder, the pigment dye-load is less andwill look ultra natural.

4. Make sure you have the perfect brush. I use my #73 brush for detailed application and my#60 brush for a wash of color.

5. Make sure you put it where it belongs (cheek bones, temples, tiny bit on the nose and the tip of the chin).

Infinitely yours,


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