when life just isn’t what you expected today????


you know I always try (I said try) to stay positive!!!! BUT we all know sometimes that is harder than other times!!!!

you all saw the post about the massive storm we had!!!! and now I am overwelmbed with construction and fixing everything!!!!

BUT it really makes me stop and think about what really matters!!!! family, friends and your purpose!!!

it is amazing how someone can say one little thing to you in a moment of crazy, that makes you stop in your tracks and reevaluate your actions and mind-set in that exact moment!!!! for me this time it was when chip said to me “thank god you, gigi and I were not hurt!” I know duh, but sometimes you are so in you head you just get caught up in the stupidity!!!

I will say, since that moment, each time throughout this crap when I am about to get upset (and of course scream and yell!!! now that can’t shock you) I do remind myself of that and it calms me down immediately!!!!

MY POINT, as obvious as that might be, sometimes we do have to remind ourselves what we VALUE!!!! use it in our everyday life in all circumstances!!!!

so next time when you have just spent 2 hours with a customer and she buys nothing!!!! DAMN!!!! remember that you have impacted her life by making her see the possibility of her true outer beauty!!!! and I promise you she will tell others and call you later, when she has had time to get comfortable with the new her!!!! so MAKE SURE after every makeover snap a quick picture so that you will have it as a reference for her and you!!! then when she calls you or just for fun you can email her that photo to remind her of her possibilities!!!!!

WE ALL MAKE AN IMPACT in our own life’s and others just by showing up!!!!!! showing up is half the battle!!!!! so just at least SHOW UP!!!!!


  • Hi. I can identify with this post. I am bouncing back from some difficult moments in my life, and I read motivational things each day. I am working hard to further my brand, CRAVE Beauty, and I am really impressed by who you are and what you represent.

    Great job and continuing success.

  • Love that comment Robert about remembering that you have impacted her life even though you have sold nothing. This is so, what I’m about. We have an impact on each and every person we connect with. I have been following your work for years as I developed my skills and confidence as a makeup artist and I am forever grateful for all that you do. Thank-you for being an influence on my life.
    Also, to Crave Beauty (love the name!) I am trying to work on my brand as well. Can I encourage you to keep going? I checked out your site and I was thrilled to see it was not yet complete (as mine is also a work in progress :)). I am a trained accountant turned makeup artist (because I guess I could go to jail if I was too creative as an accountant lol) and I am trying to establish my brand that encompasses my knowledge of business/money management, empowering business women and beauty. If you have any ideas re a suitable name I would love to hear from you.

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