certificate only support

certificate only support if you need help with any questions regarding your certificate, please contact mercedes@robertjonesbeautyacademy.com please keep in mind that mercedes only checks this email once a week and she does not support anything but certificates and certificate-related questions. if you have any other academy questions that do not relate to certificates, you will […]

thank you and welcome to the academy :)

welcome to the robert jones beauty academy! so excited to have you as the newest member in the robert jones beauty academy! an email will be sent to your inbox within the next 15 minutes (we are busy setting up your membership right now!). please check your inbox for your username and password, then enter […]

PRO: Photos Submit Form Received

pro certificate requirements: got it! thanks! we have received your name and email address and you are now in queue to have your photos reviewed! if you have not already submitted your working like a pro photos, make sure you have followed the exact instructions listed on the previous page and submit your photos immediately […]

PRO: Submit Photos

working like a pro: submit your photos you will only be able to view the complete instructions for submitting your working like a pro photos if you have received 100% on all of the course quizzes in the entire robert jones beauty academy. when you have passed all your quizzes in all three levels, log […]