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do you really see yourself????

I’ve come to discover most of us do not see ourselves for how we really are!!!! so many times we look in the mirror and don’t like what is looking back at us!!!! BUT, I am here to tell you many times what you are seeing is a warped version of yourself, clouded by so much of the baggage that we bring with us from childhood and our teen years.

I dare you to see yourself thru all your friends and family eyes, with none of your baggage!!!!! ask them to find a picture of you that they feel really shows your true beauty!!!! then ask them what they see in the picture and TRY to listen and see yourself the way they do!!!!!

PLEASE open up your eyes and yourself to seeing the true beauty in you!!!!!


  • Such a wonderful thought. At my Mary Kay parties I always have the guests tell something nice about the hostess. I think I’ll rearrange the wording to include what you said in this post. How nice it would be to hear what others feel makes you beautiful!

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