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hello god, it’s robert calling!!!!

today I spent the day attending one of my very best and very longtime friends mothers funeral!!! sitting in the church I was struck by a few things!!! some important and some not!!!!

first why is it that the person giving the sermon is always trying to save my soul??!!! hey, GOD and I are good, I’m here to celebrate someone’s life that is very special to me!!!! could we stay on subject, please!!!!

MORE IMPORTANTLY I sat there today thinking about so many more important things:

what has been my purpose? to be the best person I can be everyday and love!!!! oh yeah I almost forgot to make the world a more beautiful place!!!!

have I told everyone I love them recently??? check

if today was it for me would I have regrets??? only that I never got to do jlo’s and natalie portman’s makeup

have I lived out loud and strong??? hell yes

would I miss anyone??? yes, but I would eventually see them again

what would I most want to be remembered for??? loving completely with my whole heart and loving many

would I be remebered as a good friend?!? hell yes

I guess MY POINT is this!!!! don’t wait till you lose someone to make sure you are really living what is most important to you, everyday!!! remember to live, love and be all that you want to be!!!!


  • Robert I have felt exactly the same way as you while attending several funerals mostly in a Baptist Church, or Church of Christ, or similar. I was born in England and always gone to an Anglican church (Epliscopalian ) over here. This does not happen at funerals in our Episcopalian church and I noticed that going to churches of other demoninations, it seems like a recruitment plea, or they are trying deparately to make sue you are on the right track. I have always found this strange as the focus is not on the person whose funeral we are celebrating but they focus on the congregation and what they are there for.

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