a world of color!!!!!!


I can’t imagine life without color!!!! I am always inspired from color!!! just keep in mind when you are talking about color in makeup, it does not always have to be bright!!! some of the most subtle colors can be so important in makeup!!! it is the subtle sculpting shades and skin tone type shades that do the most for you!!! never under estimate the power of midtones and bronzers!!!! your midtone does about 80% of all of your eyeshadow work!!!! and a good matte bronzer can change the way your face looks entirely!!!!! just a little thought for the day, since I spent yesterday with a huge group of women and that thought always goes thru my head when I do!!!!!


  • I loved spending Friday with you, Robert. My eyes look better than ever, and yes, I got many unsolicited compliments on my eyes this weekend. Woo hoo! I’ve joined the Academy and am excited to mix it up and perfect new skills with new models. This student is ready… So glad you’re the teacher. 😉

  • I love you Robert Jones!!! I was doing makeup for years!! But i was always guessing on the spot and trying to work out what colors to use on them and how to apply it, it was so stressful!! But after being a member, I can confidently say that i now know how to do all this without stressing because you’ve taught me those skills!!! Talk about Confidence!! So thankyou once again Robert Jones!! I’m telling the whole world how great you are, infact, the BEST!!!

  • I have always loved makeup, but never was shown how to properly apply it. I was always too self conscious to go and have someone show me too. I have learned so much from your videos, that there is such a huge difference in how I apply my own everyday makeup and I feel so much more confident. Also, you have helped to give me confidence to apply for a job that I would not have applied to a few months ago….It’s not fantastic, but it does pay more then other jobs I have been trying to get to supplement my own business (I am a photographer). And I really think I will enjoy doing this. It’s something different then what I have been doing (change is sometimes good!). I applied to work at a makeup counter and got hire, even though I did not have makeup experience. I know I still have a lot to learn, but it’s a step in the right direction, and I also believe this is a skill that my own business for my photo clients. Thank you so much for offering your online classes, books and workshops. I really hope you come to MA or NH soon for a workshop, I am going to be one of the first in line for tix! Thanks! 🙂

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