hello gorgeous!


Here’s the deal people – lashes are sooooo in this season! Of course, most of you know they are ALWAYS in season for me!


Here’s the thing: having fabulous lashes is all about layering your mascara!! The trick is not to only apply multiple layers of mascara, BUT to layer formulas as well!


Start with a defining formula as your first layer. This will start to create the base shape of your lashes. Use a comb to separate your lashes while your mascara is still wet!! Let it dry before adding your next layer.


Flow with a building layer to start volume. Comb AGAIN while wet and be sure to let it dry!! Then finish with a waterproof formula so everything stays all day!!

Remember lashes define your eyes more than anything else you could ever do!!

Now go forth and create flawless lashes!!

Infinitely yours,


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