robert report: mix it up, girl!


Ok girls, here it is!! One of my biggest pet peeves (and it is totally out of style) is wearing sets of jewelry. You have to mix it up! FYI -“bitch” for me is a term of endearment, so I am saying it with love!

Here’s the deal: if you wear pearls (which are sooooo in style) you cannot wear pearl earrings! You should mix it with gold, diamonds, or leather bracelets!! Here is an example of a combo I think really works (either earring styles work):


If you wear stones, don’t wear all stones. Here’s a combo that works:


ALSO – do not wear earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings all at the same time. Leave one of the four off so you are not over accessorized.

So girls, mix it up! I would rather nothing match than everything match. And trust me when I say…you will be more in fashion!!!

Infinitely yours,


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