robert report: I draw the line!


I constantly get asked these questions about lip liner:

  1. Do I have to wear lip liner?
  2. What color should my lip liner be?
  3. Should my lip liner show?
  4. What is the purpose of lip liner?
  5. Is lip liner on trend?

Here’s the 411 on lip liner!

Many of you may not even be using it, and that is fine! But here are the benefits and what you should know about lip liner:

  1. You do not have to wear it and many girls (especially those who just wear gloss) are choosing not to right now, and that is perfectly fine!
  2. Your color choice is pretty simple – you can wear a neutral shade just a tiny bit darker than your natural lip color with almost every lip color you wear. The main exception is if you are wearing red or a very dark shade, because that soft, neutral shade will wash out the color. In those situations, use a darker lip liner shade with red or dark lipstick to keep the intensity!
  3. No, your lip liner should not show! It is totally OFF trend for your lip liner to show. In all cases, except for really dark shaded, use a lip liner that is a little lighter than your lip color choice!
  4. The purpose of lip liner is two-fold. First, it helps define your lips (gives them a much more definite edge and can also even their appearance out), and secondly it helps your lip color last longer (because the texture is drier and stays on longer)!
  5. Lip liner is currently not in trend! Or, should I say, seeing lip liner is currently not in trend. When using lip liner (again, unless you are using a REALLY dark shade of lipstick), choose a shade slightly lighter than your lip color choice.

There you have it! Now you can  make an educated decision on whether or not you want to use a lip liner and, if you do, what your perfect shade is.

Most importantly, have fun creating your own signature look!

Infinitely yours,


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