top tip of the day: glossy lips are always youthful and sexy


Gloss adds extreme shine and moisture to your lips. I L-O-V-E lip gloss, mainly because it immediately adds fullness and makes your lips look kissable.

The only problem is that it does not have a very long wear life, so it needs frequent reapplication. Used correctly, it can make the lips look sexier and more full and gives a fresh-and-alive look that’s perfect for all age groups.

You’ll find it packaged in a wand, tube, or pot. Some formulas give more coverage than others, which means they will wear a little longer, so research (test drive) a few to find the formula or brand that gives you what you need.

Check the label for key words that give you a clue to wear time; “luster,” “lacquer,” “gel,” “plastic,” or “glass” can mean longer wear life, while “crystal,” “wet,” “transparent,” “glaze,” or “juicy” suggest really high shine but probably shorter wear time.

Play away! 🙂


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