top tip of the day: minimize those laugh lines!


Expression lines are commonly referred to as “laugh lines” and are most noticeable around the mouth. They tend to be genetic and can also be caused by environmental factors, such as sun damage and smoking.

Although you can’t completely get rid of laugh lines with makeup, you can certainly make them a lot less noticeable and, by reducing their appearance, you will look younger!

Our secret weapon of choice for disguising laugh lines is a highlighting pen. The beauty of a highlighting pen is its lightweight formula and light-reflective properties, which bring forward recessed areas of the face.

Because laugh lines become more visible as they deepen, highlighting in the crease of the line can make them less visible.

Here’s how to disguise them:

1. First apply your foundation to create a smooth, even-textured skin.

2. Now, apply your highlighting pen along the entire length of the crease, from nose to mouth. Be sure to apply the pen just inside the crease, where it is creating a shadow.

3. Then use your finger and stipple (a patting motion) along the highlighted area.

This will blend in the color and minimize your laugh lines! Now… that’s something to smile about! 🙂

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