top tip of the day: when choosing lip color, size matters!


When it comes to choosing a lip color, size definitely matters. If you have full, beautiful lips, you can wear darker shades as long as they complement your skin tone. Wear lighter shades of lip color on thin lips to make them look fuller.

Here’s a quick rundown of colors that will work with different skin tones:

Fair Complexion – warm pinks and corals or a soft nude color with a peach undertone.

Medium Complexion – deeper rose or light apricot or a nude color with a rich apricot undertone.

Olive-toned Complexion – rich, tawny shades, soft raisins, and nude with a caramel undertone.

Bronze Complexion – rich raisin, tawny coffee, or a nude with a dark golden beige undertone.

Ebony Complexion – deep walnut, rich plums, and a nude with a dark ginger-toned brown.

REMEMBER: Dark lip colors age you faster than any other makeup product. Warmer, more colorful lipstick choices always make you appear younger, because they bring out the warm tones in your skin and add life to your face.

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