robert report: unexpectedly excited and educated!


Ok people, here it is in a nutshell: I have had a YouTube Channelfor quite awhile now (as some of you know) and although I have always thought it was great and fun, I don’t think I ever realized the power of it!

We have been posting fun and educational videos for many months now and getting great results…but this past weekend I attended an event called VidCon, entirely dedicated to YouTube. What I realized is that I am not taking advantage of the amazing opportunities it offers us (YOU and I) in communicating and educating!!

So…here is what I would LOVE for you to do:Go the the Robert Jones Beauty Academy Channel on Youtube (just click here: and SUBSCRIBE. Why? Because I am planning to really use this tool in a way I have never used it before and by subscribing you will be notified when I post new videos!


Here are my plans: I plan to start creating really informative and fun videos, such as:

  1. Behind the scenes videos from my photo shoots
  2. Additional, quick little videos that will be very specific and educational
  3. Interesting moments in my life (so maybe you can experience my crazy with me!)
  4. Product reviews and comparisons – things I can’t live without and why
  5. Continue to post some gorgeous look videos

Most of all I really want to use this tool to connect with all of you on an entirely new level!

So please go and subscribe, then hang on ’cause we are going to have a crazy fun ride!!!

Infinitely yours,


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