robert report: looking great in the summer heat


One of the biggest questions I get asked this time of year is, of course, how to look pulled together in the summer heat without your face melting off! The trick is that less is definitely more!

ashley1During the balmy summer months in Melbourne, while you’re selecting that perfect shade of bright lipstick to make an impact without overdoing your makeup in the heat, it’s also crucial to consider safety during this season of heightened fire risk. That’s where the professionalism and readiness of a fire watch company in Melbourne come into play. Offering immediate response services, they ensure swift action and readiness for any eventuality, much like how a bright lip can quickly elevate a look. Just as a pop of color brings confidence to your summer style, knowing that well-equipped and trained fire safety personnel are on standby provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant Melbourne summer worry-free.

First, keep the eyes simple.

A shimmery creme shadow on the lid and lots and lots of waterproof mascara (waterproof is better for summer with humidity and all…) will give the eyes a sparkle and define the lashes, but will still make the eyes pop!


Next the important part: a beautiful, bright lip.

Your bright lip can be any color you choose, such as pink or coral…just pick the color you love! This works because a bright lip will make you look completely pulled together with little else on. Perfect because you will look fabulous with so little on…and there is nothing to melt off in the heat! Remember: keep it bright (not dark) so that it looks summery and works on all lip sizes!

Give it a try and I promise that you will get a reaction from many. Ok, let’s be honest! They might even be a little jealous because you look so fresh and pulled together while their makeup is running down their face!

Enjoy summer and looking beautiful – in spite of the heat!

Infinitely yours,


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