wow, sometimes sh*t definitely happens!!!!


there are always those things that happen in life that always seem to remind you what is really important in the world!!!! I am sure most of you heard about the crazy weather we had this week in dallas!!!

you know it is amazing to me how we grow as people!!!! how with each passing decade (I won’t say which decade I am in) how your priorities change!!!! in my 20’s (ok I know none of you thought I was in that decade) so much of what happened would have upset me!!!

but in this decade all I care about is all those I care about were ok!!!!

ironically, my poor car I had gotten it back just two days prior to the hail (from being hit by an 18-wheeler) and now look at the sad thing!!!! BUT unbelievably with baseball size hail no one at all in dallas was injured!!!!! but I will say, a sweet adorable lady I know was in her car on the freeway when it happened, and she was sitting in her car with glass smashing around her everywhere holding an umbrella over her head for protection!!!!

BUT no one injured!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE???????!!!!! thank God no one was hurt!!!!

remember LIVE loud, LOVE hard and be THANKFUL for everyday!!!!!!

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