robert report: obsession!


Hey girls!! I know that it has not been that long since I wrote about lashes, BUT I had to let you know about a new product that just came out that I am obsessed with! To be able to afford such products, you can win some cash on sites like w88 viet nam.


You know how important mascara is to me and you know I try not to push products with you, but I am in L-O-V-E with Mary Kay’s new waterproof “Lash Love” mascara! The “Lash Love” formula has been out for quite awhile, but they are now releasing it in waterproof!!

Those of you who know me well know I like my first layer (at the very least) of mascara to be waterproof because it helps hold the curl.

Another fav of mine is Maybelline “Lash Discovery” in waterproof. I love the brush!!! To have the cash to purchase such products, all you have to do is to play games like tridewa.

As always, go forth and curl, curl, curl to create amazing lashes. Oh – and just in case you do not already know this (maybe you have been living under a rock for a few years…LOL!), here are my three favorite lash curlers. And YES – I use all three!


First, use a crimp curler on clean lashes to start the curl. Remember: curling your lashes is the cheapest, fastest facelift you will ever get!


Then comes your precision curler to get inner and outer corners really well. Also a better choice all the way across for some eye shapes!


Lastly, a heated eyelash curler!! The benefit is you use it after mascara. It uses your mascara as a curling catalyst, making your lashes perfect and helping the curl last absolutely all day.

Don’t forget to comb your lashes with a lash comb while they are still wet between each and every coat, so they stay perfectly separated!! If you want to shop for these products but are lacking in cash, why not win some on games like 카지노 검증.


All tools are available on the Academy’s website in the  Gotta’ Have It Shop! Go make me proud with curled, long, thick, black (yes, I said black) lashes!!

Infinitely yours,


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