youtube tutorial: the messy pony


People!! I know ya’ll are pretty well aware of the fact that I do a ‘lil makeup here and there. But did you know I also love to do hair?

One of the top hair questions I get asked is… “how do I create a messy pony?”

The messy pony is on all the runways and red carpets and can be used to pull off the perfect look for day or evening. So…of course I decided to do a video about it!

In this video I’ll teach you how to create a messy pony so you can do it at home! Although the name makes it sounds like it should be pretty simple (I mean, it’s not the “perfect pony,” right?) it is a little more complex than just throwing your hair back in an elastic.

And please feel free to post photos on the Robert Jones Beauty Academy Facebook wallwhen you give this look a try – L-O-V-E to see your photos!

Infinitely yours,


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