robert report: over the sun!


April 3, 2013

This newsletter is totally based on what I am going through right now, so it is fresh in my mind and completely relevant…


As many of you may know from keeping up with me via Facebook, I have been shooting in Miami for the past couple of weeks. If you know me personally (or have seen me in photos or videos), you know how painfully pale I am, which means the sun is not my friend!! On top of that, I have very sensitive skin.

That being said, I want to remind you about the importance of sunscreen and how to choose and apply the right sunscreen for you!!

THE NUMBERS: the number does not mean it is stronger than another number, it just means you can stay out a little longer without burning. Example: an SPF35 means you will not burn as quickly as you will with an SPF15.

WATERPROOF: even when it says waterproof, if you read closely it says to reapply after you get out of the pool or after “x” amount of minutes. Follow the instructions!

QUICK TIP: start a sun day by applying a sunscreen lotion and carry a spray for touch ups! I find I am much more likely to reapply because a spray sunscreen is so easy and doesn’t get my hands dirty.

QUICK TIP FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: if you have sensitive skin and sunscreen tends to break you out, take face wash with you and halfway through the day completely cleanse your face and start over with your sun protection. It will help prevent breakouts!

Remember the sun is one of the most aging elements for your skin! Protect yourself at all costs! I know most of you want a beautiful bronze glow, but you have sooooo many ways to fake that now that do not involve exposing your skin to the sun!!

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