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hello god, it’s robert calling!!!!

today I spent the day attending one of my very best and very longtime friends mothers funeral!!! sitting in the church I was struck by a few things!!! some important and some not!!!! first why is it that the person giving the sermon is always trying to save my soul??!!! hey, GOD and I are […]

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always makes me smile!!!!!

have you ever had a picture  that just makes you happy and laugh no matter how your day is going??? this is that picture for me!!!! it just totally makes me happy!!!!! this is a picture of one of my very best friends in whole world, missy!!!! we had just come back from dinner and […]

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do you really see yourself????

I’ve come to discover most of us do not see ourselves for how we really are!!!! so many times we look in the mirror and don’t like what is looking back at us!!!! BUT, I am here to tell you many times what you are seeing is a warped version of yourself, clouded by so […]

robert report: gigi says…

February is responsible pet owner month! It’s no secret that Robert Jones absolutely adores me, his sweet girl Gigi. I am a darling Maltipoo…so darling, that all who come into my presence can’t help but spoil me! I would just like to remind our beauty queens that there is nothing more classy and chic than […]

robert report: kiss and makeup

Forget a dozen red roses or a box of chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart the gift of sexy, kissable lips! For nourished lips that are sure to be inviting to your darling, we recommend a few tips: Drink lots and lots of water! Consuming plenty of water will keep the body, skin, and lips […]