robert report: trust your tools

I get so many questions about why you need the right tools that I have decided to start a series of tool newsletters to help you understand the confusing maze of them all! I am going to start my series with two brushes that have proved to be very special and have been amazing performers […]

robert report: just want to go nude!

We all know nude lips are totally now, but so many of you have expressed difficulty in picking the right nude lipstick and/or gloss. The SECRET to the perfect nude is choosing the right undertone! Depending on your skin’s depth level, the undertone of your lip color needs to be very specific! Confused? Here’s all you need to […]

robert report: heat it up!

Everyone is always concerned about how to look amazing during the summer. THE SECRET: it’s all about choosing textures that work during intense heat! So…what are they? Here are textures that work in all categories to keep you looking great while preventing melting: Foundation: tinted moisturizer or mineral powder foundation (you could even layer the two for great un-meltable […]

adele and the modern cat eye makeup tutorial

About a month ago I featured one of my current, favorite trends in the weekly Robert Report…the Modern Cat Eye.Meeeeoooowww! Everyone is sporting it, including international music sensation, Adele. It really is a drop-dead gorgeous look that even the faint of heart can try and feel stunning in. Whether you desire a flawless evening look […]

robert report: never stop being you!

I know so many of you feel so connected to your beauty regimen. You feel like your look defines who you are, right? Yet too many times this results in sticking to a certain look for too long…and, unfortunately, this is a quick way to age yourself! I’m here to tell you that there is […]

robert report: who would have known

People! It has been brought to my attention that some of my Academy BFF’s have been wondering how the Academy is different from my YouTube Channel videos. I just want to clear it up real quick! The Academy is the only place you will find the core courses and the ultimate in professional makeup application. It will always have all […]

robert report: looking great in the summer heat

One of the biggest questions I get asked this time of year is, of course, how to look pulled together in the summer heat without your face melting off! The trick is that less is definitely more! Many times during the summer it’s about choosing one thing with big impact. For example, due to trend […]

natural beauty – 10 minute makeup look

It doesn’t take much to make a difference and look (and feel) beautiful. This look is proof! The cool thing about this quick makeup tutorial video is its simplicity and super-natural glow. Notice how Robert focuses more on the product and application that will make the most difference. This look demonstrates that SOMETIMES…less is more […]


when life just isn’t what you expected today????

you know I always try (I said try) to stay positive!!!! BUT we all know sometimes that is harder than other times!!!! you all saw the post about the massive storm we had!!!! and now I am overwelmbed with construction and fixing everything!!!! BUT it really makes me stop and think about what really matters!!!! […]