top tip of the day: minimize those laugh lines!

Expression lines are commonly referred to as “laugh lines” and are most noticeable around the mouth. They tend to be genetic and can also be caused by environmental factors, such as sun damage and smoking. Although you can’t completely get rid of laugh lines with makeup, you can certainly make them a lot less noticeable […]

hooded smokey eye makeup tutorial video

I have had many, many, many requests for eye makeup looks for the hooded eye. I also get asked quite often if a hooded eye shape (when fleshy skin covers a portion of the lower lid) can wear a smokey eye. The answer is yes!! In fact, a smokey eye is a perfect look for […]

robert report: I draw the line!

I constantly get asked these questions about lip liner: Do I have to wear lip liner? What color should my lip liner be? Should my lip liner show? What is the purpose of lip liner? Is lip liner on trend? Here’s the 411 on lip liner! Many of you may not even be using it, […]

top tip of the day: make those peepers pop!

How can I get my eyeshadow to blend better, go on more smoothly, and last longer? I always apply concealer and powder to eyelids before applying eyeshadow. They will cover discoloration on your eyelid and provide a clean canvas onto which you can artfully paint your eyeshadow. This technique also helps make your shades look […]

new youtube video: classic smoky eye!

Timeless, sexy, smoldering, dramatic, intense, alluring… what is left to be said that hasn’t already been mentioned? This video features the unequaled, classic smoky eye!

robert report: the shimmer 411

Ok, we need to have a serious conversation! I need to make something very clear! Whenever you add shimmer to your skin (I am not talking about eye shadow here, I am talking about powder, blush, and bronzer), it will accentuate all the texture in your skin! So to be 1000% clear: if you have […]

robert report: springtime favorite things!

April 25, 2013 So glad Spring has come! Here are a few things I am LOOOOVING this Spring. I thought I would share since everyone is always asking. 🙂 I would love to hear what you are loving for Spring! Be sure to post on our Facebook page what your Springtime favorites are…or what you […]

robert report: spring awakening

April 10, 2013 I will be the first to admit that I can totally get stuck in my ways! For the majority of my life I have been what I would consider a “beauty purist.” For me, pretty has always been most important. For example, I would always choose classic beauty over funky trends. That […]

robert report: over the sun!

April 3, 2013 This newsletter is totally based on what I am going through right now, so it is fresh in my mind and completely relevant… THE SUN!! As many of you may know from keeping up with me via Facebook, I have been shooting in Miami for the past couple of weeks. If you know […]

robert report: fun new experience!

I’m super excited to announce a great new experience I just had the opportunity to be involved in! I was asked by a relatively new company named Wantable to be involved with a project with them for the month of March! Be sure to check out my box for March! >> JUST CLICK HERE: ROBERT’S BOX Wantable is […]

robert report: clear winners

For me there were clear winners this year at the Oscars, and I’m not talking about acting or movies…I’m talking about beauty & fashion! You may not completely agree with the picks I am about to give because I’m only going to give one in each category, but I don’t think any of you will […]

robert report: make it pop!

With Spring just around the corner we are going to be seeing a lot more color used in makeup. That being said, many of you have asked, “How do you make that color POP or really show up more?” The answer is, of course, layering a creme with a powder over it! Any time you apply a […]