beauty tip: customize your mascara

Question: My favorite mascara does not come in a waterproof formula, and I need it to be more water-resistant. I find waterproof formulas harder to remove, so I am not sure I want it to be waterproof, and I love the way my current formula builds. What are my options? Is there anything I can […]

top tip of the day: pro secret for thicker looking lashes

The professional secret to creating the perfect definition along the lash line is to get the color right into the base of the lashes (especially along the top lash line). There is a secret trick many of us makeup pros use to create definition like no other: Simply use a fine-tipped brush to carefully push […]

top tip of the day: brow q&a

Question: I have been trying to grow my brows back in to look fuller, but it seems that no matter what I do, they are not getting any thicker. What can – or should – I do? Answer: To help your brows grow back in, you must leave them alone and tweeze nothing for at […]


top tip of the day: glossy lips are always youthful and sexy

Gloss adds extreme shine and moisture to your lips. I L-O-V-E lip gloss, mainly because it immediately adds fullness and makes your lips look kissable. The only problem is that it does not have a very long wear life, so it needs frequent reapplication. Used correctly, it can make the lips look sexier and more […]

top tip of the day: what wand do you choose?

Most women do not realize that the bristles and shape of a mascara wand have just as much impact on the look of their lashes as the mascara’s formula and application technique. Following are some key things to consider when deciding what you want and need from your brush or applicator. BUT keep in mind […]

top tip of the day: when choosing lip color, size matters!

When it comes to choosing a lip color, size definitely matters. If you have full, beautiful lips, you can wear darker shades as long as they complement your skin tone. Wear lighter shades of lip color on thin lips to make them look fuller. Here’s a quick rundown of colors that will work with different […]