how to: about the PRO section

  1. the working like a pro section is still under construction… it is currently available on the website as a “bonus” section for members as the academy is releasing pro videos on a bi-monthly basis as much as possible.
  2. once the working like a pro section is complete, it will be an additional fee for new members of the academy. so – the apprentice and master class levels will be the same price they are now, but the pro course will be an added fee. current members will receive the entire pro course with the opportunity to earn a pro certificate for the same price they are currently paying.
  3. we will send emails out to all past robert jones beauty academy members when the pro course is completed, allowing them to rejoin at the current member rates if they would like to complete the pro section without paying for the full pro course fee.
  4. you can view the anticipated working like a pro course outline by clicking on the class syllabus page and then clicking on the black working like a pro button.
  5. the working like a pro certificate will not be issued until the pro course is complete. there will be additional requirements involved (such as submitting photos and/or videos), along with the quizzes in order to receive this certificate.