level three: bridal series: midday bride

before you start:

gather all the supplies you’ll need for this video and have a model ready to apply the midday bride look on!

to prep the face you’ll need moisturizer, lip balm, eye creme, and foundation primer.

what you’ll need:

about this video:

the midday bride will have the harshest light (compared to morning, late afternoon, and evening brides) to deal with. the midday bride look is not the time to do anything dramatic because the intensity of the sun will make it look too hard and heavy. the sun is directly overhead, which can cast shadows on the bride’s face. also, as the sunlight grows stronger, every makeup line becomes more visible, so it is absolutely imperative to blend really well.

in this video, robert will walk you through a really beautiful midday bride look and will give you all the tips and tricks you need to be aware of in order to make the midday bride look her beautiful best at the actual wedding…as well as in the timeless wedding day photographs!