level three: bridal series: late afternoon bride

before you start:

as with all course videos at this stage, make sure you have watched and mastered all previous academy videos!

you could also gather all the supplies you’ll need for this video and have a model ready to apply the late afternoon bride look on!

what you’ll need:

about this video:

the late afternoon bride is robert’s favorite because the natural lighting caused by the setting of the sun is so beautiful! the late afternoon bride’s makeup is more colorful and dramatic than the morning and mid-day bride’s, but not quite as colorful and dramatic as the evening bride’s – it’s really the perfect balance between drama, light, and pretty.

in this video, robert will walk you through a really beautiful late afternoon bridal look and will give you all the tips and tricks you need to be aware of in order to make the late afternoon look her beautiful best at the actual wedding…as well as in the timeless wedding day photographs!