level three: what’s in your makeup kit

before you start:

welcome to the first video in the PRO series! before you start, make sure you have watched, practiced, and perfected all the apprentice and master level videos! remember that just watching the videos is not enough – you must practice!

what you’ll need:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • current makeup and accessories

about this video:

you’ve watched all the apprentice level and master class course videos and are now ready to start working like a pro! but…how do you get started? how do you build a makeup kit? what do you need to get started and what should you be aware of?

in this video, robert dives right into how he puts his kit together and all the tips and tricks to his system that keeps things organized, accessible, and easy to travel with!

if you have already started building your makeup kit, it would be a great idea to gather everything up in order to see what you may be missing. if you haven’t started on a full makeup kit, chances are you still have some makeup!

take inventory of what you have before you watch the video. then, take notes on everything you are missing while watching the video. at then end you should have a master list of a what you need in order to complete your own kit.