level one: blemishes

before you start:

view all getting started and perfecting foundation courses. remember that each course builds on the one before it…so you’ll want to make sure you understand and know how to apply each lesson before moving on.

what you’ll need:

  • concealer with a dry texture and a depth level that is not lighter than your foundation
  • pointed concealer #53 or a precise concealing brush

about this video:

blemishes are a fact of life and, as an artist, you will encounter them again and again. knowing what products to use and how to conceal them will be a technique that you will find invaluable.

in this course robert will teach you how to conceal the dreaded “blemish.” if done incorrectly, you will actually end up accentuating the blemish… but done with the correct product, the correct color, tool, and technique you will make the blemish disappear seamlessly into the skin.