level three: bridal series: morning bride


before you start:

as with all course videos at this stage, make sure you have watched and mastered all previous academy videos!

if you are ready to follow along with the video, make sure you prep the face before you begin. at minimum, moisturize the face, apply concealer on the eyelids, apply foundation on the forehead, and apply powder on the forehead and eyelids. you may also want to shape and define the brows before you start.

what you’ll need:

about this video:

the morning bride will wear the least amount of makeup (compared to midday, afternoon, and evening brides) and will photograph best in a fresh, natural, glowy makeup look. the reason for this is because the photographer will be taking photos outside, and the cool, soft morning light will make everything photograph darker than it appears to the eye. because the light is so soft, it is important to go with softer shade choices or the beautiful bride will look dark and harsh in her photographs.

in this video, robert will walk you through a really beautiful morning bridal look and will give you all the tips and tricks you need to be aware of in order to make the morning bride look her beautiful best at the actual wedding…as well as in the timeless wedding day photographs!