level three: working with models

before you start:

if you have worked with models in the past, think about your relationship with them and see if you can pinpoint what worked and what you think you could do differently. then compare your thoughts with what you learn in the video.

if you have not worked with models, think about what you feel would be important to them, make a list, and then compare your list to what you learn in the video.

what you’ll need:

  • pen or pencil
  • paper

about this video:

as a pro makeup artist the goal is to work with models on a consistent basis. how you present yourself to a model is extremely important, not only for your career but for the model’s confidence and ability to translate her part well on a shoot.

in this video, robert discusses all the in’s and out’s of makeup artistry from a model’s perspective with an actual model. you’ll learn what makes a model feel more confident in you, what she expects from you, how you are judged by your makeup kit, how your artistry gives her the energy she needs to accomplish the client’s end goal, and more!