level three: understanding eye shapes

before you start:

make sure you have reviewed all the eye shape videos in the previous apprentice level course, the eyes have it and the master class course, the eyes have it, again.

what you’ll need:

  • there are no supplies needed for this video; however, be prepared to take notes!

about this video:

as a professional makeup artist, you will be required to work with not only all the different eye shapes, but with combination eye shapes as well (deep-set hooded eyes, close-set deep-set eyes, etc).

knowing and being able to determine each eye shape is one thing, but knowing what look will work with each eye shape and what you need to fix “first” with combination eyes is another matter entirely.

in this video, robert will briefly review each of the eye shapes, discuss which look(s) work best with each eye shape, and will give you an order of importance checklist to help you determine what you need to take into consideration first when working with combination eyes.