level three: three trends in one

before you start:

just make sure you are alert and ready to learn some new techniques!

what you’ll need:

about this video:

one of the best things you can do to differentiate yourself as a professional makeup artist is to create your own trends. this means you need to learn how to take current trends and combine them into trends that work for people in their every day lives or for a photo shoot.

if you are working on a photo shoot, you’ll find there are many times the look you create has to be trendy, but also age appropriate for the job you are on. If you went full-on with a trend, it might be too much. That’s why you need to learn how to mix your favorite trends!

in this video, robert is going to teach you how to take three trends (evening eyes for day, strong heavy eyeliner, and doll lashes) and combine them into a new, trendy look that is wearable AND easy to do!