bonus video: pink and chocolate smoky eye

about this video:

the smoky eye look is timeless, classic, and completely unforgettable. but what happens when robert jones decides to create a smoky eye? well…he takes it a step further and turns it into a look that will thoroughly tempt and tantalize the senses (after all, it does use the color of…CHOCOLATE)!!!

in this exclusive bonus video, robert heads out of the studio to show you, step-by-step, how to create an amazing pink (robert’s fav color) and chocolate smoky eye for a stunning every day look. and, of course, in robert’s usual fashion…he doesn’t hold anything back! he gives away every single little tip, trick, and technique – and even hints on how to make it more dramatic if you really want to create a sensation!!!

robert uses the following robert jones brushes to create the gorgeous pink and chocolate smoky eye: