certificate of completion: requirements

in order to earn official robert jones beauty academy certificate(s) of completion you must successfully complete the following requirements.

apprentice level

take a quiz for each video in the apprentice level and receive 100% on each one.

master class

  • take a quiz for each video in the master class and receive 100% on each one.
  • submit before & after eye shape photos of the following eye shapes to robert. please note: you will need to show him your application on all seven eye shapes, so you will need to find a model for each one. he will review your work and will let you know when you have successfully learned professional application for each one and have passed the master class
    1. basic
    2. close-set
    3. deep-set
    4. droopy
    5. hooded
    6. prominent
    7. wide-set

working like a pro

before you begin, you need to print a pdf of working like a pro photo submission requirements. requirements are listed below, but there is a lot more detailed information in the pdf. make sure you take the time to read through the pdf as soon as possible (before you are ready to start working on your photos) so you don’t end up doing twice as much work. this will also help you plan your strategy for completing the requirements.

  • take a quiz for each video in the working like a pro course level and receive 100% on each one.
  • submit the following to robert. he will review your work and will give you direct feedback. you will successfully pass the PRO level only when robert has said you have learned the skills needed to be working at a professional level.
    1. video or extensive photos of your makeup kit
    2. before and after eye shape photos
      • basic eye
      • close-set eye
      • deep-set
      • droopy
      • hooded
      • prominent
      • wide-set
    3. before and after – skin tones
      • 2 before & afters of highlight/contour models on ivory/beige
      • 2 before & afters of highlight/contour on bronze/ebony
      • 3 before & afters on bronze/ebony models
      • 2 before & afters on hispanic models
      • 1 before & after of a male model
    4. start your portfolio
      • 2 completely natural looks (think: skin care ads – no makeup, but makeup looks)
      • 2 just plain glamorous
      • 3 smoky eyes of varying degrees
      • 2 audrey eyes – make them fabulous and pair with a perfect red or burgundy lip
      • 3-5 editorial looks (be creative!)

*keep in mind when you are creating these looks they should be on multiple skin tones

*also keep in mind that when you are creating all your looks/models that if you pick the right models ALL your photos can be used to build your portfolio more fully!